Tech Talk with President and Engineer Tsutomu Ibuki June 2015

How does MRC make prepreg with TiNi wire in it?
Ibuki: We start with a layer of carbon fiber. On top of that, we lay the TiNi wires followed by another sheet of carbon fiber. The final product is a prepreg sheet that contains TiNi wire.

How long are the TiNi wire segments in the prepreg?
Ibuki: The strands of TiNi wires used in our shafts vary, depending on the shaft series. The KURO KAGE™ Tour Edition contains segments of wire that are approximately 12 inches long, while the Second-Generation KURO KAGE™ Silver contains segments that are approximately 8 inches long.

What performance benefits does the TiNi wire provide?
Ibuki: The TiNi wire's extreme elasticity provides stability, consistency, feel and increased energy release through the hitting zone - benefiting golfers of all skill levels.